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Remember you should fill out a change of address with the US Postal Service. 

Contact your cable and internet service provider for which package best serves your needs.

It is important to contact the local electric utility company to connect or transfer service.  

Register to vote in your new area. Find your polling place at the Chicago Board of Election.  

We strongly recommend renters insurance. This article in the Chicago Tribune explains why.

South Shore's Parks offers local beaches, festivals, trails and other amenities.

High Pump.jpg

Looking for a local gym? Pump High Energy Fitness Center may have what you are looking for. 

Find favorites like the Parrot Cage, Chief Sarah's, Give Me Some Sugah and South Shore Starbucks.

If you want to just stay home and chill. UberEATS offer on-demand meal delivery service.

Local Market gives you all the traditional trappings of a super market. For discount deals,  you have Save-A-Lot.

Chicago is known for its pizzas. South Shore has its share of options. Try Italian Fiesta or Pizza Hut to Domino's Pizza

Have your items stored in a climate-controlled environment and monitor them 24/7 with door to door service.

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