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Walking to the South Shore 13.1 Marathon from Devonshire Apartments

One of the more challenging activities one can pursue is to run a marathon. We are talking about a 26.2 mile journey. It is a journey comprised of both mental and physical determination and drive. To complete a marathon it is recommended that one embark on a training regiment. This would include a weekly running routine and participating in shorter runs like a 5K, 10K and/or a half marathon.

The half marathon - is the fastest growing distance among U.S. road races, and for good reason: 13.1 miles is long enough to require commitment and provide a feeling of accomplishment, but not so far that training for the distance will take over your life.

The South Shore 13.1 Marathon - has historically, been an authentic experience that exemplifies the spirit of running and the love of the sport while celebrating individual victories. The marathon begins at the South Shore Cultural Center and winds through South Shore, Jackson Park and along Lake Shore Drive before ending back at the Cultural Center.

Only a walk away - living at Devonshire Apartment's you are in walking distance to the starting line. No need to figure out parking logistics or public transportation routes. You can enjoy one of the scenic marathons in Chicago just around the corner from your home.

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