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Devonshire Apartments Garden Committee

This year Devonshire Apartments had residents participate in the landscaping and gardening projects around the building

The Curb Appeal Effect

Gardens can be inspirational. There is a certain pleasure we have seeing a beautiful garden bursting with an assortment of color. From the butterflies it attracts, to the pleasant scents it gives off, gardens can be a place of tranquility.

Deep Appreciation

This year residents at Devonshire Apartments volunteered to help create the beauty and tranquility that not only greeted all of our residents but also helped add to the beautification of the neighborhood. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to:

- Isioma Odum - Francesca Horne

- Kira Miles - Candice Miles

- Shirley Borden - Dennis Smalley

These residents took time planting, watering and purchasing various plants and flowers for the garden. They were absolutely amazing for their efforts and we will always be grateful for their participation.


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