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First Black Lives Matter Street Mural Painted in South Shore

South Shore becomes the first neighborhood in Chicago to paint a street mural supporting Black Lives Matter.

The Street Mural Movement

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer pinned Mr. Floyd to the ground and asphyxiated him by placing his knee on Floyd's neck for at least eight minutes and fifteen seconds. People all over the world watched the video recordings and for many it pierced their civic consciousness. For some, the manifestation of this pierced conscious resulted in civil protest. For others, it meant uncivil dissidence. However, some in the arts community expressed their civic consciousness through street murals. Beginning in Washington DC, on June 5, 2020, artist and volunteers painted the first mural. Since then, at least 25 states and multiple cites including cites in Canada and the United Kingdom has painted their own "Black Lives Matter" street murals.

Where Does the Movement Go from Here

As many contemplate, this question, "where do we go from here?" How can we make an imprint on the arc of history towards a "more perfect Union." In South Shore, activist like William Calloway and artist like Quentin Crockett along with many volunteers are making their imprint.

The Mural located on Jeffrey Boulevard by 70th Street serves to remind us not only of the many lost lives we have witnessed over the years and how much those lives matter. It compels some of us to contemplate the next steps and how we can play a roll furthering the pursuit of social justice.

South Shore has a history of social justice and civic engagement. From the fight against segregated beaches, like Rainbow Beach, with civic protest that became known as the Wade-in protest back in the sixties. To the fight to save the South Shore Country Club from the City's wrecking ball to create a neighborhood cultural center.

South Shore continues to be a neighborhood pursing social justice. Where we go from here rest in the ability of neighborhood like South Shore to lead the way in reflecting the change we want to see.


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