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A Resident Shares Her Experience Living at Devonshire Apartments

The process of looking for an apartment and figuring out all the logistics required in relocating to a new city can be daunting. It can help to hear how others navigate the process. Tangela shares her experience as a medical student relocating to Chicago. Here are a few more things you should consider.

Social Networks - When moving to a new city in helps to talk to other people within your social network who has lived there. As you know, there can be a lot of information to process about living in a particular city, not to mention the various neighborhoods within a city. Nothing beats being able to talk to someone who has gone through the experience you are about to embark upon.

They can give you unvarnished advice about things like transportation, closeness to work or school relative to where you are considering living. How comfortable they felt in certain neighborhoods verses perceived danger. Where to eat, who has the best carry out or who provides delivery service. Which buildings they have lived in and what their personal experience was. Talking to people you know can be a great first step in starting your relocation process.

Safety Considerations - When relocating to cities like New York, LA or Chicago it's impossible for anyone to assure you of safety. Admittedly, this sounds alarming. However, learning and practicing safety measures is a key factor for safety.

When you look at actual crime statistics, there is a .1 - 4% chance of a crime occurring per 1000 people in most neighborhoods throughout a city, like Chicago. In higher crime neighborhoods, it trends towards 4-5%. That is to say that out of a thousand people, 95% will not experience a crime. Many people perceive that number to be much higher irrespective of the facts. However, the Near North side, has ranked in the top 5 neighborhoods in Chicago for crimes such as theft, etc. Many people perceive that number to be lower. The fact is it's impossible to predict safety. No matter where you live you could become the victim of a crime.

Although it is important to research a neighborhood and in particular a building you may be considering moving to. It is also increasingly more important to learn protocols to protect yourself against crime, regardless of where you live. WebMD has some good advice on ways to fend off criminals -- and avoid danger in the first place.

Affordability - Larger cities can be quite expensive to live in. At times it can be astonishing and difficult absorbing the sticker shock for housing. However, with some due diligence and savvy research one can find value. By checking with your social networks and understanding the dynamics of safety and learning ways to protecting yourself you can find affordable housing without breaking the bank. Findind out whether buildings offer internet access or furnished apartments can help you save.

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