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Suggestions for celebrating Martin Luther King Day

King Day gives all of us a chance to think about something larger than us. We are reminded that we are part of a larger community, nation and world. We can contemplate how we are going to actualize our interpretation of "“the arc of the moral universe" as King talked about and where we place in that arc. While you contemplate this we would like to give some things to do for add inspiration.

Inspire. Enable. Transform - These words are en blazed at the Museum of Science and Industry located at 5700 South Lake Shore Drive. In honor of MLK Day why not head over there and see what African American have contributed to science, technology, engineering and medicine. Here students, teachers, families and the public can explore the legacy of rich contributions and achievements made by African Americans while encouraging deeper interest in science and technology among youth.

A Juried Art Exhibition - See more than 100 dynamic works from both professional and amateur African-American artists from around the country. This longest-running exhibition of African-American art has been displayed annually at MSI since 1970. The exhibition features paintings, drawings, fine art prints, sculpture, mixed-media, ceramics and photography by African Americans, including youth artists between the ages of 14 and 17. Opens on January 16, 2017 and runs through February 19, 2017.

The Innovation Studio - Enter this exciting space to experiment and explore new ideas through making things. Powered by your own curiosity and inspired by challenges in our world, you’ll have access to a variety of materials and tools to create your own solutions. Experience the processes of design thinking and innovation and learn about important contributions of African-American innovators. Museum guests can participate in drop-in sessions, and school groups can reserve sessions.

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