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South Shore will once again celebrate the new year with the GongLab

Living in South Shore certainly presents new and different things to for all of us to experience. The above video is a glimpse of last year's GongLab experience in the Solarium Ballroom. Well, this special experience continues again this year. The Chicago Parks Foundation presents the GongLab and special guests with sound meditation for the New Year.

Sound Meditation/Therapy - Although it seems strange when you first hear of "sound therapy" like it is something strange and destined for the medical research labs, the truth is that the effects are apparent in our every day life...

  • We experience the energizing effect of sound and music every time we hear music with a heavy beat. Just think of the last time you heard a favorite dance hit and couldn't help but to start dancing along.

  • The Bulgarian Psychiatrist, Gorgi Lazanoff was able to show an increased capacity for learning, "super-learning" if you will, by playing Baroque music (1700's Bach, Vivaldi, Telemon, Handle) and having his students breathe in rhythm with the beat. It all goes to show that sound and music can have a profound effect on our health, and well being, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well.

For more information on sound as a healing element read Mind Body Green.

The GongLab Theme for 2017 - is opening to new beginnings - "IN THE PALACE OF THE HEART" on Sunday, January 29, 4-7 pm in the Solarium Ballroom at the South Shore Cultural Center. Join us for an extended gong bath, a light buffet of sumptuous finger food and a hot beverage bar of relaxing, aromatic teas. For more details and ticket information go to the Chicago Parks Foundation.

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