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Looking for a South Shore jazz club? Friday night jazz at the Quarry is the place to be.

Chicago has long been a city where good jazz has thrived. Many of us remember the jazz greats that have passed through Chicago from Dizzy Gillespie to Ella Fitzgerald. In years past, Bronzesville was ground zero for catching great jazz from some of jazz's iconic performers. In many ways, it has been Chicago's neighborhoods that nurtured and provided a home for jazz. That cozy venue where you feel as though the performer is in your living room. It's where you can go to have a front role seat to great music.

South Shore continues this neighborhood tradition at the Quarry Event Center where Friday night jazz returns. This Friday, April 6th, you have the percussionist Tony Carpenter featuring Rodger Harris, James Perkins, Rafe Bradford, and Malcolm Banks. Next Friday, April 13th, fear not, you have the songstress Tracye Eileen gracing the stage.

Tracye Eileen, a Chicago native, blends her Gospel roots with a rich, sultry, soulful sound. She has the ability to captivate her audience by embodying the raw emotion of a tune, and has the vocal chops to channel this into a powerful performance. Tracye makes a personal connection with her audience, through her warmth and sense of humor and is backed by her own 5-piece band, "The PTR Band" made up of top Chicago-based musicians. Come out and enjoy jazz at the Quarry.

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